How bamboo becomes a bicycle in Ghana and Germany


How bamboo becomes a bicycle in Ghana and Germany

Every frame is build in 80 to 90 hours lovely handicraft work. You have to be quite accurate. 
And that is all "Made in Ghana". Check out all the different steps of the production process.

Step 1: Finding the right bamboo

The first thing we do is cutting the bamboo in Ghana, where it grows near the Yonso Project. The Ghanaian bamboo is a quite thick wall, this leads to a good durability. It is no problem to find the right bamboo for our bamboo bikes, because bamboo is growing extremly fast.

Step 2: Drying the Bamboo.

After we cut the bamboo the tubes have to be dried for several month. Afterwards we choose the right sizes and are ready to start with the construction.

Step 3: Building the Frame in our Jigs.

Now we prepare all the choosen tubes so that they fit perfectly in our jigs. Five aluminium components are fixed in this jig that provide the geometry and symmetry. The bamboo tubes are glued with some kind of resin to the aluminium parts.

Step 4: Wrapping with Sisal

To have more stability in the frame the ties between aluminium and bamboo are getting wrapped with sisal that is soaked in resin. This becomes very hard and stable.

Step 5: Polishing and Finishing

The next task is to improve the look of our my Boo frames. Therefore our team polish the frame in handcrafted work. Most of the work is to and down the ties.

Now the frames get painted with a very durable varnish. It is no problem to use our my Boo bikes while it is raining, snowing or anything else.

Step 6: Quality Checks

After our team finished the work on the frame, it is very important to check the frame in detail. Therefore we developed different quality check tools and also a checklist with over 50 points. That is how we ensure best quality for our bamboo bicycle frames.

Step 7: Inspection in Germany

We also tested our frames in a testing institute in Germany. The testing systems simulate the lifetime of a bicycle which is about 20 years. Our frames also passed the EN-Test for E-Bikes!

Our Manufacturing Process - with Commitment.

Social Commitemnt
Handmade in Ghana.

All my Boo bamboos frames have a unique story to tell: each frame is manufactured with loving handicraft in Yonso, a small rural town in Mampong district of central Ghana. The unique frames are produced by a skilled team through our local partner, the Yonso Project—a nonprofit organization and its bamboo bike workshop Boomers. 

Making a Local Difference.

The Yonso Project is an aspiring social project dedicated to expanding educational and economic opportunities in rural Ghana; female vendors are provided with microloans to help them start or grow their own businesses, and a
scholarship program was created to enable poor and disadvantaged children to have an access to education. Building my Boo bamboo frames also gives young people an opportunity to work. So far, 15 employees have already been trained and hired on full-time at the Yonso Project‘s bamboos bike workshop. Proceeds from the workshop go towards financing all other projects such as microlending. 

Fair Working Conditions.

For us, it is essential that the local working conditions are decent. This is why we‘ve intentionally chosen to collaborate with a social project that shares the same beliefs. 

Education is Key.

We are convinced that education is the key to a happy future which is why we have decided to finance  educational scholarships with each bike sold. We gave out more than a 100 scholarships in 2015..

Our Team in Ghana

Team in Ghana

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