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We are building a school


The Yonso Project is diligently collecting donations and building a school since October 2016. Beacuse in Jamasi in the Asante region the „Yonso Project Model School“ is built. Upon completion it will provide access to good education to children from rural areas and from a poor background in the region. And of course – we are happy to help with great zeal.

Every child should have the right for good education. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in Ghana. In most cases, it is a privilege of the more wealthy families.

The Project wants to change that by providing good education for an affordable price to enable as many children as possible to go to school and follow their dreams. To help the parents to finance their child’s education, a microfinance system splits the school fees in multiple lower payments, instead of fewer but higher ones, that need to be paid as one, as it is common practice in Ghana. By doing so, the parents are enabled to put some money aside every week and pay per semester. Children from very poor backgrounds are awarded with scholarships, made possible by our local bamboo frame production.

According to the Yonso Project, access to education not only means to sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher, but have the chance to discover and develop one’s talents. Furthermore children should learn how to inform themselves, make important decisions independently and bring things into question. Kwabena Danso, CEO of the Yonso Project, is convinced that only easy accessible education can make a change in Ghana in the long term. Children are the country’s future, that suffers from corruption and lack of political stability.

You want to help us realising the school (financially or non-monetary)? Then get in contact at: contact@my-boo.de


Bike to School Program

To go to school on a bike – what sounds normal to most of us, is quite special to others. In the Ghanaian Nchumuru District in the Volta region for example, you don’t see children cycle to school very often. All the more, we are delighted in the cooperation between our Ghanaian partner and UNICEF, which donated 150 bamboo bicycles to children from rural areas to ease their way to school.

The concept of the bike to school program has been developed over the past year and after a detailed research for a financing partner, we were able to garner UNICEF Ghana as a reliable support. The program makes the way to school easy for children, especially girls, by enable them to go by bike from their often faraway villages. An easier way to school ensures access to education and therefore to better future prospects.

    In cooperation with UNICEF we supplied 150 children in Ghana with a bamboo bike for their way to school.

Awarding of Scholarships

Since the early 2015, we award scholarships to Ghanaian children and teenagers, together with our local partner the Yonso Project. Those scholarships were made possible by selling our bamboo bikes were given to children who never would have the chance to visit school otherwise. Our so called „School Starter Set“ includes a school uniform, a schoolbag, shoes, books, pens and a set for mathematics.

Senior pupils and students are also supported. Many of them started with our „School Starter Set“ back then and get support from our partner project since then. A support like this is cost-intensive. Therefore we decided against a scholarship for every sold bamboo bike and started to provide help where it is needed instead. The outcome is a flexible and sustainable way of grant. Those financial grants are paid by raised funds from where necessary finances are distributed on a regular basis.

    In cooperation with the Yonso Project we were able to award oder 250 scholarships since 2015.

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