Our Commitment

What we have achieved so far.

Our Commitment

What we have achieved so far.

More than 200 children

are attending the Yonso Project Model School

In 2017 the construction of the Yonso Project Model School started and it wasn't clear how many classrooms will be finished until the new school year starts. In September 2019 there were eight classrooms!

By now more than 200 children are being taught and taken care of. They come from nine different communities: Yonso, Apaah, Bipoa, Jamasi, Agona, Asamang, Kona, Dawu and Tabre.

The Yonso Project Model School

Likewise to the bamboo frame production, the school also created new jobs. In addition to 14 teachers, there are assistants, administration and accounting, a kitchen, security service and of course a school director. He opened the school with the following words:


"This school gives children from the region a first-class education.
There has never been something that could be compared to this school."

John Mensah Sarbah, director of the Yonso Project Model School


The school is unique because it isn't about learning something by rote and passing tests. For Kwabena Danso, head of the NGO "Yonso Project" and initiator of the school building, it is important that the children also learn to question and explore things. He is convinced that only an easy access to education can make a long-term difference in Ghana. Children are the future and as adults they could change the country in a lasting way, which is weakened by corruption and political incompetence. Kwabena's wife Grace is a teacher herself and keeps us up to date regularly.

The situation in Ghana

With the Yonso Project Model School we want to give children and teenagers from rural areas access to education.

Actually, every child should have the right to get a good education. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case in Ghana, but mostly a privilege that is only entitled to children from high-earning households. The project aims to change this situation by providing high-quality education at an affordable price so that as many children as possible can go to school and realize their dreams.


What happens next

Kwabena Danso himself grew up in the Yonso region and was moved to see what we already achieved together.

„I felt like going back to school myself.“

Kwabena Danso, head of the Yonso project

Even though the school has only just opened, Kwabena is already thinking about he next steps. There are many more parents who would like to send their children to school, according to this another six classrooms are the goal. In addition to that, a library and a computer lab are still missing. Right now we are in the first phase of the building. Kwabena Danso is hoping for 45 classrooms overall when the school is finished.

How you could help

You can help to continue the construction of the school by riding your my Boo Bamboo Bike and get on board to #teambamboobike or donate.

If you like to to support us actively and professionally, please contact us at contact@my-boo.de.


Bike to School Program

To go to school on a bike – what sounds normal to most of us, is quite special to others. For example, in the Ghanaian Nchumuru District in the Volta region, you don’t see children cycle to school very often. All the more, we are delighted by the cooperation between our Ghanaian partner and UNICEF, which donated 150 bamboo bicycles to children from rural areas to ease their way to school.

The concept of the bike to school program has been developed over the past year and after a detailed research period looking for a financing partner, we were able to garner UNICEF Ghana as a reliable support. The program makes the way to school easy for children, especially girls, by enabling them to go by bike from their often faraway villages. An easier way to school ensures access to education and therefore to better future prospects.

    In cooperation with UNICEF, we supplied 150 children in Ghana with a bamboo bike for their way to school.

Awarding of Scholarships

Since early 2015, we have been awarding scholarships to Ghanaian children and teenagers, together with our local partner the Yonso Project. Those scholarships were made possible by selling our bamboo bikes and were given to children who never would have had the chance to attend school otherwise. Our so-called „School Starter Set“ includes a school uniform, a schoolbag, shoes, books, pens and a set for mathematics.

Senior pupils and students are also supported. Many of them started with our „School Starter Set“ back then and have since received support from our partner project. Support like this is cost-intensive. Therefore we decided against a scholarship for every sold bamboo bike and started to provide help where it is needed instead. The outcome is a flexible and sustainable way of providing grants. Those financial grants are paid by raised funds from where necessary finances are distributed on a regular basis.

    In cooperation with the Yonso Project we have been able to award over 250 scholarships since 2015.

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