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News about the GreenTec Awards 2017

Do you remember the GreenTec Awards? We've made it with your help under the TOP 3 in the Lifestyle category and now the die is cast.

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Grills from a new point of view, v for veggylicious

A look outside the box, an alternative, meatless, veggy, vegan - simply delicious food! Today, we would like to introduce you a young man who invests much blood, sweat and tears every day in his dream.

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The last primeval forest of Europe - Białowieża

dieUmweltDruckerei cycles with our bamboo bicycle, the my Afram Alfine from Hanover to the Białowieża National Park to Poland and Belarus. The National Park covers the last primeval forest of Europe and is threatened by the state deforestation. What is hidden behind this unique forest complex and how you can all contribute to the preservation, read here!

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The first my Boo bamboo pedelec, our my Volta!

A pedelec made of bamboo with an integrated mid-motor, this combination offers our my Volta. You get further exciting facts here.

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A new family member is introducing hisself!

Nature often offers the best solutions. This also is the case with our new product for cyclists with demands, the my Boo BBU1 birchbark grips, which we gladly introduce you.

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