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Ankobra Farms

Today we would like to present you an exciting initiative that, just like us, also uses bamboo in a social and sustainable way. However Ankobra Farms doesn’t build bike frames but prefers to burn bamboo. You don’t get it? Well, first things first.

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May we present? Calenberger Radkultur

As you surely remember we have promised you to present some of our retailers regularly on our blog. Since we would like to keep our promises we will now directly continue our blog series! Today this will feel like a time travel when we take you to Hannover where today’s presentation will take place! Let’s go!

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May we present? 2Rad Popp!

Today we would like to introduce to you a retailer from Augsburg in Bavaria. He has been accompanying us since my Boo’s first steps in the bike industry. This is no one else but Fritz Popp and his bike shop 2Rad Popp.

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We are impressed!

Do you remember our last blog post about the 4th Innovation Prize Dithmarschen 2016? We mentioned briefly the Reetdachdeckerei Ohm that builds thatched roofs which are typical for Northern Germany. Reetdachdeckerei Ohm won the special prize as they have a very innovative and social project. Today we would like to take the opportunity to tell you about Hans-Hermann Ohm and his idea in a more extended way.

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Show us your my Boo Bike!

Today we start our new column called “Zeig uns dein my Boo!” meaning “show us your my Boo!” From now on we will try to regularly introduce to you my Boo friends and their bikes. We already have two great examples for today!

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