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The first my Boo bamboo pedelec, our my Volta!

A pedelec made of bamboo with an integrated mid-motor, this combination offers our my Volta. You get further exciting facts here.

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A new family member is introducing hisself!

Nature often offers the best solutions. This also is the case with our new product for cyclists with demands, the my Boo BBU1 birchbark grips, which we gladly introduce you.

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We have a new Home!

On Friday, 05-05-2017, we officially opened our new headquarter in Kiel. With our new neighbors, friends, family and companion of the first hour we spent a great evening with many unforgettable moments, but read it yourself!

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Patrick Martin Schröder has startet his journey

News from Patrick Martin Schröder arrived us. He reports about his impressive journey through Africa and as the first stop he tours through the birthplace of our bamboo bikes, Ghana. But read it yourself!

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Felix Abels visits the Yonso Project

Felix describes his previous time in Ghana as a medium-heavy cultural shock with subsequent domestic feelings. But what brought him to Ghana and what is he doing over there? Read about it here.

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