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Patrick Martin Schröder has startet his journey

News from Patrick Martin Schröder arrived us. He reports about his impressive journey through Africa and as the first stop he tours through the birthplace of our bamboo bikes, Ghana. But read it yourself!

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Felix Abels visits the Yonso Project

Felix describes his previous time in Ghana as a medium-heavy cultural shock with subsequent domestic feelings. But what brought him to Ghana and what is he doing over there? Read about it here.

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Patrick Martin Schröder is on the road

Do you remember Patrick Martin Schröder? His journey through Africa has started meanwhile. Read something about his first experiences here.

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Exhibition season 2017: we're taking a first stock of it

The 2017 exhibition season is in full swing. The first events are behind us and we draw a first conclusion. Read more here.

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Kwabena Danso: Founder of the Yonso Project

Kwabena Danso ist der Gründer des Yonso Projects, unserem Partnerprojekt aus Ghana. Wer er ist und was er macht, könnt ihr hier lesen.

Kwabena Danso is the founder of the Yonso Project, our partner project in Ghana. Who he is and what he does, you can read here.

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