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New look for our bamboo bikes!

For a long time, you asked for it – now it is finally possible. You can get all of our frames with a clear coat!

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Travelling the world by bamboo bike

Exploring the world by bike? The perfect challenge for Nina and Simon. On social media they call themselves "Mind And Pedals" and tell people about their journey. Click here if you want to know more about both globetrotters and their mission.

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Last steps of building the school in Ghana!

Since we started building the "Yonso Project x my Boo Model School" in 2016 a lot has changed. Some of us travelled to Ghana to see the progress. Are we going to be able to open the school this autumn?

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News from Ghana!

At the end of February some of our team members went to Ghana again. For this journey we had a bulging schedule. We planned to experience a lot.

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The Eurobike 2017

Wow! That was the Eurobike 2017. We had a great time in Friedrichshafen! Besides a lot of well-known faces we made a lot of new acquaintances, presented our new models for 2018 and many more! You want to know in detail? Go ahead and read it yourself.


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