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Category: E-Bike

Bamboo pedelec my Volta

my Volta

Our first bamboo e-bike with integrated mid-engine. Strong motor, long reach and comfortable riding.

Price: from 3.699 GBP

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Bamboo pedelec my Volta Gates

my Volta Gates

Our urban Trekking E-Bike with Shimano 8-speed hub gear and Gates Belt Drive - light, fast, beautiful.

Price: from 4.099 GBP

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Category: City / Trekking


Bamboo Trekkingbike my Tano Deore

my Tano Deore

Our sportive Trekkingbike with 9 speed Shimano Deore derailleur and hydraulic Shimano disc brakes.

Price: from 1,599 GBP

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Bamboo bike my Tano XT

my Tano XT

Our Premium Trekkingbike with 3x10 speed Deore XT derailleur and hydraulic disc brakes.

Price: from 2,199 GBP

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Bamboo bike my Birim

my Birim

Our Premium road trekkingbike with 20 speed Shimano 105 derailleur and Shimano disc brakes.

Preis: from 2.499 GBP

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Hub Gear

Bamboo Citybike my Pra

my Pra

Our comfortable Citybike with relaxed seating, 7 speed Shimano hub gear and coaster brake.

Price: from 1,499 GBP

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Bambus Fahrrad my Afram Nexus

my Afram Nexus

Our All-Rounder with Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub gear and hydraulic Shimano disc brakes.

Price: from 1,699 GBP

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Bamboo Bike my Afram Alfine

my Afram Alfine 8-/11-speed

Our urban Trekkingbike with Shimano Alfine premium hub gear (8 speed or 11 speed available).

Price: from 1,949 GBP

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Bambus Bike my Afram Speedhub

my Afram Speedhub

Our premium travel bike with Rohloff Speedhub 14 speed, SON hub dynamo and Schwalbe unflatable tyres.

Price: from 2,999 GBP

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Category: Cross / Road

Bambus MTB my Daka

my Daka

Our cross mountainbike with brand new Shimano SLX 1x11 speed deraileur and suspension fork.

Price: 1.999 GBP

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Bambusrennrad my Densu

my Densu

Our sportive roadbike with 2x10 speed Shimano 105 group and Brooks Cambium C14 saddle.

Price: 2.399 GBP

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Bambusrenn Cyclocross my Densu Cross

my Densu Cross

Our Cyclocross with Shimano 105 2x10 speed group, Shimano Road disc brakes.

Price: 2.499 GBP

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Category: Urban

Bambusfahrrad my Todzie

my Todzie Automatix

Our sportive urbanbike with Sram 2-speed automatic hub gear and fixie handle bar.

Price: 1.399 GBP

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Bambusfahrrad my Ashanti

my Ashanti

Our City-Cruiser with 26 inches wheels and 60 mm Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tyres.

Price: 1.799 GBP

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Bambusfahrrad my Kuro Gates

my Kuro Gates

Our urbanbike with Gates belt drive and premium Shimano hub gear Alfine 8- or 11-speed.

Price: from 2.299 GBP

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Bambusfahrrad my Todzie Metrea

my Todzie Metrea

Our urbanbike with 11-speed Shimano Metrea group, thin tyres and birch bark grips.

Price: 2.299 GBP

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