Your my Boo map

Your my Boo bamboo bike map! We need your help! You love our idea of combining a eco-friendly bike out of bamboo with a social project in Ghana? Or you are interested in our bikes? Than you can put a marker on our map to help us in different ways:

1. We know, where the most people are interested in a my Boo bamboo bike. So we can concentrate on that region to find a retailer.

2. Through your marker you help us by showing that there is a huge interet for our bamboo bicycles.

3. And of yourse you can see, if there are other interested people or customers around you to exchange experiences.

So put your marker now:

How it works

1. Click on "add"

2. Fill in your information. To put your right marker it is necessary to specify your current home adress as accurate as possible.

3. You can add other details about you, like your social media accounts or why you are interested in my Boo.

4. To save your marker just click "submit".

5. If you see the message "Entry added" everything worked. You can see your marker after you loaded the page again.

You can also see the map in full screen here


It would be great, if you share this map on your social media accounts or something else to get as much marker as possible Lächelnd

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