Yonso Project Model School

Although education is a right for every child, quality education in Ghana is the privilege of the few. Usually a privilege that only children from well-earned households are entitled to.

The "The Yonso Project" aim is to change this situation and supports education by investing the incomes from the sale of bamboo frames to scholarships and microcredits. But high-quality education should be generally offered at an affordable price so many children have the opportunity to go to school and realize their dreams. Because education is the key to break the cycle of poverty!

Therefore, the foundation of a school in Jamasi, which is located in the Asante region was laid in mid-October last year. The so-called "Yonso Project Model School" intends to provide access to education for children and young people from rural areas in the region.

The Yonso Project Model school is taking shape day after day.

In addition, children should learn to be able to inform themselves, to make important decisions independently and think critical.

Therefore, the planning of a sustainable curriculum is part of the educational project and is also a part of our support from Germany. The construction of a school alone is not the key, also support of socially-engaged people is important. Which motivate the pupil and teach values, but also ensure that each student gets individualized attention. So, every student is able to develop one’s talents.

Every teacher, who wants to accompany the tentative steps of the school and wants to show commitment with passion, is welcome to contact us at: contact@my-boo.de!

The school building is in full swing.

The construction is in full swing and the "Yonso Project Model School" continues taking more and more shape every day. We collected donations in Germany in addition to a Crowdfunding campaign, to make the vision reality!

Nevertheless, the project needs a little help and support! We are very grateful about every financial donation, which helps the project to go a step further.


We keep you informed about the progress of the school construction and are impressed as well as proud of our cooperation with the "Yonso Project". Proud, that we all together develop the region sustainably and offer young people a real perspective!

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