With Mind & Pedals on a trip around the world - Part II

Nina and Simon are "Mind & Pedals". Together with their my Afram Speedhubs they are currently on a trip around the world. We have already reported here on their preparations and the start of their tour.

In Vietnam the two sailed along the coast from north to south - last they had conquered the top of the Hai Van Pass, also called "cloud pass". Their tour took them to Phnom Penh in Cambodia, which they reached by boat.

The two were unsure if they should also go to the Buddhist temples of Angkor Wat - they were deterred by the crowds who have also made their way to this hotspot. In the end they decided to do so and exceptionally took the bus to cross the highway to get to Angkor Wat.

Deeply impressed by the huge 10th century ruins, Nina and Simon were overjoyed that they did not miss Angkor Wat!

Due to an upset stomach, they once again took the bus - to Bangkok. In this vibrant city cycling is not for the faint-hearted because of the traffic chaos - but in Saigon and Hanoi Nina and Simon had already fought their way through the traffic with their bikes, therefore the streets of Bangkok could not stop them anymore.

In northern Thailand the two adventurers cycled through Chiang Mai, Fang, Tha Ton, Chiang Rai and Pai. After the hustle and bustle in Bangkok, the days there were just fantastic: There were nearly no tourists but instead great encounters with locals, who shared their lives and their culture with Nina and Simon.

After three months of constant sweating in beautiful Southeast Asia, they spontaneously decided to change continents. Now they travel through Australia and celebrate the cool temperatures - because it is wintertime there.

We are curious about which adventures are still waiting for Nina and Simon and wish them both good luck and wonderful encounters - to be continued!

If you want to know how "Mind & Pedals" work then you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram. Also on their website is a lot of information about their mission and tips about a sustainable lifestyle and travel style.


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