To school by bamboo bike

Wonderful news from Ghana, we are so happy and very very proud!

To school by bike – for some this might be normal but for others it is something special. For example in the Nchumuru District in the Volta Region, Ghana. There you seldomly could see children riding bikes on their way to school. The more we are happy that our partner in Ghana - in cooperation with UNICEF Ghana - could give 150 bamboo bikes to kids living in rural regions. Therefore their long journey to school is easier now!

For the concept Bike to School Program, which was an idea from our partner, UNICEF Ghana turned out to be the perfect associate to realize the program. Children, especially girls, got the possibility to travel easier from their rural homes to the more distant schools. A facilitated way to school improves the access to better education and therefore to better future perspectives.

We’re so happy about the successful implementation of the program. Moreover we are convinced that we made the right decision about four years ago. This motivates us even more to keep on working hard every day!

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