The Yonso Project is building a school!

In time for the holidays we have a great Christmas story for you to tell. There are news again from Ghana – namely from our partner The Yonso Project! A lot is happening there right now but read for yourself!

Since mid-October of this year the Yonso Project has been busily collecting donations and constructing a building because in Jamasi in the Asante region a school is going to be set up. The so called Yonso Project Model School intends to enable an easier access to education for children from rural regions and from poorer backgrounds.

front view of the Yonso Project Model School

Of course every child should have the right to receive a good education but in Ghana this is not always the case. Usually it is a privilege which only children from good-earning homes can enjoy. This is exactly what the project would like to change by offering high quality education for a low price so that as many children as possible can go to school and realize their dreams. Therefore a micro finance system will make it easier for parents to pay the school fees. The fees will only consist of rather small sums and are not - as more usual in Ghana – huge amounts of money that you would have to pay at once. Hence parents can spare some money per week and can pay the fees every semester. Children from very poor families receive scholarships that are made possible due to the bamboo frame production.

the construction place and 13.000 bricks

According to the Yonso Project, having an access to education not only means sitting in the classroom with a teacher but rather having the opportunity to discover and to foster one’s own talents. Moreover children should learn how to inform themselves, how to make important decisions autonomously and to question things critically. Kwabena Danso, CEO of the Yonso Project, believes that only through low-threshold access to education, something can be changed in Ghana in the long term. Children are the future and can, when they are grown-ups, bring about change in Ghana, which at the moment, is suffering from corruption and political inaptness. 

13.000 building blocks have been produced until now but in order to complete the construction of the Yonso Project Model School, some more helping hands and support are required. On the one hand the Yonso Project would be happy about some more financial donations you can make here. On the other hand teachers are still needed in order to support and consult in the first couple of months. If you feel like being on site during the school’s launching phase or if you know somebody who would like to help, then write to or call 0151 50431218.

Isn’t it great what an amazing education project is going to be set up? We are really happy that through our cooperation with the Yonso Project, these kind of projects can be supported!

And now we wish you and your families some cozy holidays and a happy new year!

Your team from my Boo

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