The first my Boo bamboo pedelec, our my Volta!

With heart, soul and know-how, we developed two years an innovation, our bamboo sprout my Volta. We can proudly say that this is the first my Boo bamboo pedelec with an integrated Shimano Steps mid-motor. Of course, it visually impresses with the bamboo frame, but also technically our my Volta offers something unprecedented.

The heart of my Volta - The powerful Shimano Steps mid-motor.

We use the powerful Shimano Steps E6000 mid-motor, which has three different support levels. This allows the driver to choose the support that is best adapted to his needs and his form on the day. The integrated electric drive increases the pedaling force of its driver and supports up to 25 km/h.

Steep hills as well as headwind are not a hurdle for the comfortable cyclist, but can be mastered easily. Fast and safe hovering across the road is also guaranteed by the deep-set mid-motor. The center of gravity is optimally supported by the position of the mid-motor.

Fast and safe hovering across the road with our my Volta.

Thanks to the powerful 418 Wh rechargeable battery, the my Volta has a range up to 120 km. So there are no objections for a spontaneous long-distance trip or an extensive trip to the countryside. The new display from Shimano is clear and shows all important information at a glance. The Suntour suspension fork and the hydraulic disk brakes provide comfort and safety.

Since pictures say more than a thousand words, we have a movie with our my Volta as the main actor. We wish you a lot of fun watching it!

Our my Volta is my Boo typically equipped with high-quality components. For further facts and impressions please check out here.

Anyone who wants to be convinced in person by our my Volta is warmly invited to an electrifying test drive at one of our dealers shop or our headquarter in Kiel!

We look forward to seeing you!

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