The Cycle Award 2017

It’s that time again: In the current edition of the bike and style magazine CYCLE (1-2017) is looking for the Urban Bike 2017 and the Urban E-Bike 2017 for the second time. You can decide who will be the winner of the Cycle Awards this year!

CYCLE, the popular bike and style magazine elects the urban bike of the year. Therefore my Boo sends two high-class participants in the running. On the one hand my Ashanti, the casual cruiser participates in the category Urban Bike 2017. On the other hand the world’s first bamboo pedelec my Volta will take part in the category Urban E-bike 2017. The jury, the readers of CYCLE, can choose their favourite bike in each category. Closing date will be the 10th January 2017.

And this is how it works:

  • Subject: CYCLE AWARD 2017
  • The mail content should be: number 12 for my Ashanti and the letter L for my Volta (of course you are free to vote for other bikes as well ;-))
  • By voting for your favourite bike you automatically take part in a lottery and you have the chance to win some amazing prizes!

Thank you very much for your support, good luck for the lottery and always have a safe trip!

Your team from my Boo!

Our cruiser bike my Ashanti
The world's first bamboo pedelec: my Volta

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