School enrolment at the Yonso Project Model School in Ghana!

Finally, at the end of last month, the Yonso Project Model School opened its doors and many parents came with their children to register for school!


School education for children from the Yonso region

It remained exciting to see how many classrooms would be completed by the start of the new school year: Eight classrooms were completed and thus there are eight classes.

In the meantime, 206 children are taught and cared for daily, coming from nine communities: Yonso itself, Apaah, Bipoa, Jamasi, Agona, Asamang, Kona, Dawu and Tabre.

Education is a privilege in Ghana that many parents cannot afford. 40% of the Ghanaian population from rural areas did not attend school. (Source: National Analytical Report)

The kids gather in front of their new school.
Lessons in one of the eight classrooms

Thanks to all supporters!

For over 200 children, this has now changed and that is also thanks to my Boo customers. Because with each frame sold, further revenues flowed into the construction of the school. At the same time, some donations came through the website of the Ghana School Association - many thanks to the generous donors.

The Yonso Project Model School

As in the production of bamboo frames, new jobs can also been created with the school. In addition to 14 teachers there are assistants, administration and accounting, a kitchen, a security service and of course a school principal. This opened the school with the following words.

"This school has opened up the opportunity for children in this area to have access to a world class education. There has never been anything like this school."

John Mensah Sarbah, Director of the Yonso Project Model School


The school is unique because students are not just being prepared to memorize and pass tests.
Kwabena Danso, leader of the NGO "Yonso Project" and initiator of the school building, thinks it’s important that the children also learn to question and explore things. Kwabena's wife, Grace, is a teacher herself and regularly tells us about the local situation and what could be improved.

The Yonso Project Model School in numbers

  • 206 pupils
  • 26 employees
  • 9 communities form the catchment area
  • 8 classes and classrooms
  • 6 more classrooms under construction
Kwabena Danso, leader of the NGO "Yonso Project", together with some pupils.

What happends next?

At the beginning of the year there will be again an official opening of the new school. Kwabena Danso grew up in the Yonso region and was very moved by what we have achieved so far.

„I felt like going back to school myself.“

Kwabena Danso, director of the Yonso Project


Even though the school has just opened, Kwabena thinks several steps ahead. Even more parents would like to send their children to school, the completion of another six classrooms is the goal. Still missing is the library, a computer lab and another vehicle that can pick up children from more distant communities. We are still in the first phase of expansion. Kwabena Danso hopes for a total of 45 classrooms when the building will be completely finished.

Plans of the school building with several floors

How you can help

You can help to keep the school building going by driving a my Boo bicycle or donating. If you would like to support us activley and professionally, please write to

On the website you can donate for the library and the computer lab:

Donate now

For our two founders and managing directors Jonas and Maximilian as well as for the whole team, the school is a real affair of the heart!

"Individual actions can be helpful, but they are often temporary or depend on specific conditions. Supporting the construction and operation of a school is particularly useful in our view and gives the children in Ghana a long-term perspective."

Maximilian Schay, founder and managing director of my Boo

The two founders Jonas Stolzke and Maximilian Schay sitting on the shell of the school in early 2019

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