No distance too far

This is Barbara with her two children Juri (8) and Ronja (6). They enjoy getting around with the bamboo e-bike. For them there is not such a thing as a distance that is too long. No matter if they must get to school, to the kindergarten or visiting friends. As often as possible the car has to stay home so that they can get the bike out of the garage.

Barbara wanted a bike which was not only able to pull a trailer but also to carry a child seat. That’s why she wished for a bicycle with a battery fixed on the down tube instead of the carrier. We admid: It was pretty hard for our product developers to find a solution for that but they did it! If you're also interestet  in that kind of battery fixing just call us or write a message. Next Season you'll find the new fastening as a regular option in our catalogue and in our configurator.

The bamboo bike is a perfect partner for Barbara. She’s constantly working on living as green and sustainable as possible. The earth friendly vehicle made of bamboo fits the solar panels on her roof, her regular trips to organic supermarkets and the electric car, which now has to stay at home more and more often.

Not only the ecological aspect has been a reason for Barbara to decide for one of our bikes, but also the possibility to configure the bicycle according to her wishes only. She wanted a model that is sporty and highly-efficient, also on long distances.

Juri and Ronja are enthusiastic too. They love to be on tour with their mum and her e-bike. By now they know everything about the bike and its background story and proudly tell their friends about it.

We are super delighted that we were able to make all three of them happy with their my Boo!

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