my Volta

In fact, 2017 will already be our third bicycle season. Until then an amazing amount of things has been going on. We and especially our bamboo bikes have been developing constantly. This year too, we weren’t lazy but rather busy investing lots of time to develop and improve our bamboo bikes. The result is definitely something to be proud of. During the upcoming weeks we would like to introduce our new products of the approaching season in advance.

We will start with…drum roll… my Volta!

This piece of jewelry is our newest bamboo sprout of 2017 and it can embellish itself with the title ‘first electric bike in the world that is made of bamboo’. my Volta not only delights retired persons and commuters but also passionate tour riders. Beside the typical and unique look thanks to the stylish bamboo frames, my Volta scores on a Shimano Steps electric engine. This integrated electric drive enhances the driver’s pedal force, makes him effortlessly scale hills and slopes and also the headwind is no problem anymore.

my Volta has its heart, the low-seated mid-mounted engine, at the right place: therefore the center of mass is perfectly stored. Due to this additional thrust it brings its rider quickly and safely to his destination. Many kilometers can be covered easily and long distances now seem shorter as they actually are. Thanks to the efficient battery and the intelligent energy management my Volta has a high scope which makes it easy to overtake conventional, breathless cyclists. All they can see are the backlights of my Volta!

If desired my Volta can of course be equipped with additional high-quality components, which makes it even more individual as it already is. Starting from January 2017 it will be available for you at our flag store in Kiel or at one of our retailers.

my Volta makes every electric bike-fan’s heart beat faster and you definitely are looking forward to your first electric test ride soon to come, aren’t you? Until then, try to be a bit more patient, don’t get blown away by autumn storms and always have a safe trip!

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