my Boo took part in German FutureTour

So our bamboo bicycles took part in the FutureTour. Already in 2015 the global objectives for sustainable development were adopted in New York at the UN Summit. These objectives are to "enable all people to live in dignity " and to become a kind of " Global Future Contract. To associate the principle of sustainability with the economic, ecological and social development and thus depend on all states of the world community.

In short: exactly our thing !!

Torsten Albig and Dr. Gerd Müller are convinced.

What these new goals change in Germany and what each individual can do to improve its daily life for a sustainable world, the FutureTour throughout Germany brought closer to interested children and adolescents. It offered them an opportunity to discuss the issue and also offered a platform for their own creative ideas. The FutureTour took place in 16 German Cities and brought people from politics, business, science and civil society together. "The important thing is that we think about our consumption decisions, if everyone would realize what responsibilities we carry to protect our planet, then that would be more than half the battle. Announced Professor Schnellhuber. He works at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and applies the principles of the Tour. We see the course similarly and also sat on the educational effect. The task now is to implement the many good ideas of the future tour. We are once proud to have been a part of this great project with our bamboo bicycles!

The mos important links:

Website ZukunftsTour

ZukunftsTour on Twitter

ZukunftsTour on YouTube

These took also part: Yooweedoo, Rostlatte und MAKAKO!

"And now it is our turn!" Zwinkernd


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