By bamboobike through Africa

We wish you a happy and hopefully successful new year 2017!

We planned a lot for the following year and it already starts quite promising.

Because from the 14th of January a german guy named Patrick Martin Schröder alias “the worls bicyclist” starts travelling up to eight African countries by riding one of our bamboo bikes! Thereby he will recline 6000 up to 8000 kilometers, which is planned to be achieved in about two months.

During this exiting time he will report and share his great experiences with you.

Patrick Martin Schröder during one of his numerous trips

Since 2007 Patrick is travelling mainly by bicycle, but also by foot, by bus, train, boat or plain around the world and has visited 141 countries of the world by now. He has already defeated desert of Sahara, the steppes of Siberia and the heights of Mont Blanc. His goal is to travel all 193 countries of the world. Therefore he planned a route through Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Benin and Togo.

For his traveling he chose our my Densu, which will be especially completed by a Relo-battery, but also from a lot of other special components, like the 3T carbon fork, Crankbrothers Eggbeater 11 pedals and a Stemcaptain Compass. These shall make it easier for him to ride, because he has to carry about 30 kilos with oneself. Here you can see which components the bike especially has and what Patrick takes along on his exiting trip.

His constantly companions: a bike and amazing landscapes

Here’s an overview over all important links where you can follow his journey:

We will also keep you current about his experiences and hope for a lot of great impressions of his travel through Africa! Therefore, you’re gladly invited to visit our Blog and our Facebookpage, so you can’t miss any thrilling facts.

With this in mind: we wish you a good, safe and exceptional trip, Patrick!

The special equipped bamboobike

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