May we present? 2Rad Popp!

Today we would like to introduce to you a retailer from Augsburg in Bavaria. He has been accompanying us since my Boo’s first steps in the bike industry. This is no one else but Fritz Popp and his bike shop 2Rad Popp.

In 2004 Fritz Popp turned his hobby into a profession and opened his first bike shop which at the beginning was specialized in secondhand bikes. It began as a one-man project on 37 m² and meanwhile has expanded on a surface of about 250 m² in the Albert-Leidl-Str. 2 in Augsburg with several employees.

By now Fritz Popp gave up selling secondhand bikes and rather focuses on selling selected quality brands. Fans of city, trekking, cross, running and kids’ bikes make a find in his shop as well as friends of mountain bikes and electric bikes. Anything a cyclist’s heart desires!

Beside the variety of different kinds of bikes there is also the own brand Popp Räder, which makes 2Rad Popp so special and unique. Fritz Popp and his team mount individual bikes according to the customer’s requests. Therefore they use my Boo’s bamboo frames. The combination of a bamboo frame and various kinds of component parts makes Popp Räder exceedingly beautiful and individual.

Fritz Popp told us that he really likes the special material but more importantly the story behind my Boo convinced him to obtain the frames and to build these unique bikes. For him the social commitment is so important because ‘some companies only pretend to be socially aware, my Boo is different’. Moreover he has a special personal connection to Africa and especially Ghana since a friend of him founded an association which engages itself in Ghana in a socially responsible way. When 2Rad Popp moved to a larger building in summer 2015 they had an opening party where Ghanaian food was served. This year in September they celebrated the shop’s first anniversary and again organized food and music from Ghana.

Talking to Fritz Popp one can soon realize that he puts heart and soul into his job and that for him social commitment means a lot. We are very happy to work together with such a dedicated retailer and we would like to thank him for the great cooperation!

In the future we will try to present you other great my Boo retailers. You may be curious!

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