May we present? Calenberger Radkultur

As you surely remember we have promised you to present some of our retailers regularly on our blog. Since we would like to keep our promises we will now directly continue our blog series! Today this will feel like a time travel when we take you to Hannover where today’s presentation will take place! Let’s go!

In the Calenbergerstraße 25 there is a pretty shop which definitely can’t be overlooked when you pass by. When you stop and have a look into the shop window you will soon get the impression to be taken back for some decades. Through the big windows you can see some precious retro racing bikes. Anyhow the majority of the bikes and the equipment run under the motto ‘vintage’- not dusty but chic!

Before he took over Calenberger Radkultur in 2014 the owner Raphael Aziz worked as a bike courier in Hannover. Ever since he was a child he likes to ride bikes. At the age of twelve he became German vice champion in BMX riding and in the end he turned his hobby into his profession. From the earliest age he is familiar with bicycle mechanics but still he underwent a training while he was working at a bike rental on La Gomera.

Calenberger Radkultur stands for high quality, authentic and stylish racing bikes as well as for Hannover’s biggest collection of retro racing bikes. What makes him so special additionally is the great service. ‘It has to be perfect! A good advice is so important in the bike industry but unfortunately this is however precisely missing in many bike shops. They often consult you only a few minutes’, Aziz told us.

Calenberger Radkultur is not a typical shop like any other bike shop. ‘You try to stand out from the crowd’ Aziz explains. In doing so he succeeds very well, on the one hand with the special washing service for bikes, a professional advice and with individual mountings of new and old bikes. On the other hand he sells special accessories like for example a bicycle bell that looks like a desk bell you can find on a Hotel’s reception desk, high-quality race shoes from Italy or the funny flower vases you can attach to your bike. All of these items are lovingly placed in the retro showroom. Between the fancy vintage racing bikes you can also find our sportive my Densu that fits perfectly in the furnishings. Aziz likes my Boo’s concept and wants to support it as it is as individual as his own shop.

Isn’t it great to have such an authentic and individual shop as our retailer? We are very pleased to work together with Raphael Aziz and would like to thank him for the good cooperation!

The stylish vintage-showroom
my Densu in the Calenberger Radkultur calendar 2016

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