May we present? Bikerecycle!

A few years ago, Martin Scheunemann, the owner of Bikerecycle, was a passionate gearhead. He tuned on several models over 20 years in detail-loving manual work. He gained experience in racing, mainly as a co-pilot, and got to know many winding race courses.

But almost four years ago, he switched to bikes. By chance, he bought his first mountain bike over Ebay, sold all of his tuned treasures and the enthusiasm for bikes and biking was born.

His bicycle shop is located in a 300 year old farmhouse with a beautiful timber framework. The story of how he came to the bicycle industry is at least as special as his range of bicycles. He has not lost the joy of tuning because he whips aged old-fashioned Bikes back to shape. His favorite bikes are racing bicycles from the 70s, which are not recognizable after his all-around repair and restoration. They are highly popular with bicycle enthusiasts as well as racing bike aesthetes.

In addition, according to customer requirements, he assembles high-quality mountain bikes with high-end equipment. At the moment, he has 250 bikes in his impressive shop, including our my Boo bamboo bicycles. Martin has the claim that he doesn’t deliver a bike to a costumer, which he wouldn’t cycle himself and therefore offers a wide service as well as quality in every respect.

Martin surrounded by his new passion.

Martin had the first personal contact with our bamboo bicycles at the Eurobike 2016. "A completely different driving feel, nothing clattering, nothing clanking, great suspension", he remembers his first test drive. He immediately was on fire for our bamboo bicycles and included it enthusiastically into his bike range.

The combination of the quality of riding pleasure, lightness and stability fascinated him from the beginning by our bamboo bikes. All the qualities that are essential to him. Because he is a long-distance driver out of passion so he doesn’t cycle for less than two hours.

Next year in January, he will take part in the "Rad am Ring", a 24 hour bike race in the Eifel at the Nürburgring, which takes place annually in January and July. The sporting challenge of the day-and-night race is worldwide unique and Martin will cycle the race course on our my Boo bamboo bike.

Social commitment is also an important part in his company philosophy. He regularly donates bicycles, for example to Africa. This spring he donated 250 bikes to Romania, so 50 happy people become owners of a bicycle. In his region, he works for refugees. He enables them to buy bicycles for a low price and children receive completely free a bike.

Martin and his wife shine bright with their my boos.

Great commitment of you, Martin! We wish you a lot of fun with your new passion and a lot of success for the motorbike and bicycle mechanic exam, you will be mastering it with bravura! ;-)

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