Master of the bamboo bicycles

Today we introduce you to our newest my Boo team member: Dominik

Dominik is a fresh-baked bicycle mechanic. He successfully completed his apprenticeship at a very prestigious professional school in Frankfurt.

But let’s start from the beginning. Dominik is a Northern Light. He is born in Kiel and was a pupil of the Hardenbergschule. This is randomly located in close neighborhood to our my Boo Headquarter. After his wild and turbulent school career, he decides to move to Leer and begins by chance an apprenticeship as a bicycle mechanic.

In the course of the training, he developed his passion for two-wheelers of all kinds and variety, but racing cycles are his favorite kind of bikes. In the meantime, he can call several unique bikes his own.

Not only by his passion for bikes, but also by spur as well as diligence, he mastered the apprenticeship as a bicycle mechanic half year faster and take a job at a major bicycle store. But he did not stop for a long time in Leer. Driven by the Baltic Sea-Sickness, he completed the apprenticeship as a two-wheel mechanic in Frankfurt and returned to his home port, to Kiel. In his opinion: "The best city ever!".

Dominik is not only an enthusiastic cyclist, he places himself into the rough sea. Windsurfing is one of his favorite hobbies, also skating and snowboarding. To complete the stereotype, he also has a musical vein and is able to play some riffs on the guitar. A sympathetic, bike-liking cheerful soul

He is fascinated by our bamboo bike, especially that "every bike is unique". Each bamboo bike challenges and tests his skills. He also has great pleasure in continually developing and improving our bamboo bikes!

By the way, he can train as a foreman bicycle mechanic and is already looking forward to impart his knowledge to our and his first apprentices. We look forward to autumn!

Dominik with his my Densu.

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