Last steps of building the school in Ghana!

Together with the Yonso Project we started building a school in 2016, the Yonso Project x my Boo Model School. The big day is going to come in September: The school will be opened and is going to give children from rural districts and poor background the chance of education. How you can support the school and the children in Ghana you´ll get to know at the end of the article.

We travelled to Ghana in February to see how the project has developed since the last time we were there.

Limited educational opportunities for children in Ghana

Yonso is a small village in Ghana. It is surrounded by a huge and rural area of land. Children often have such a long way to school that they either never start going there or stop after a short amount of time. 40 percent of the Ghanaian people have never entered a school. 27 percent quit before finishing. (National Analytical Report)

In Ghana, education is a privilege not everyone can enjoy. Although compulsory school attendance has been established, parents must pay fees, even for public institutions. In addition to that, children are obliged to wear school uniforms which are expensive too. Many parents are not able to effort them. That is one reason for children to stay at home. Another problem of the Ghanaian system of education is the lack of well-trained teachers. Children with learning difficulties are often misunderstood as stupid and not handled compassionately.

The Yonso Project x my Boo Model School

To fight these problems, together with the Yonso Project we are building a school. High quality education is going to be offered to children from poor backgrounds. According to Kwabena Danso, CEO of the NGO, lessons in Ghana have only the goal of preparing students for tests so that they can finish school as fast as possible. For him, it is way more important to teach them competences such as questioning facts. He is sure that this is going to prepare them for life. There should be a growing generation, which is able to change the country; not only economically but also politically and socially.

Efia is soon going to have the oppertunity to go to school .

To give children with a long way to school a chance of education there is going to be a school bus.

The school system is also going to focus on providing children with access to books. The rate of illiterates is quite high in Ghana. 34 percent of men and 50 percent of women are not able to read. 20 percent of the students and only one per cent of children in general have access to reading material in their homes. That is why the heart of the new Yonso Project x my Boo Model School is going to be a library.

At the end of this floor you can already see what is going to be the libary.

Huge progress in building the school

When we arrived at the school area we immediately noticed the huge progress since we were there the last time. Although we saw the sketches and building plans, we were not able to imagine how it would look in the end. As we were standing in front of the walls of the school, we felt impressed. It was easy to see where the corridors and the classrooms are going to be in a few months and where the students are going to spend their breaks.

This is going to be one of the classrooms.

The my Boo Ghana School e.V.

To guarantee a long-term continuation of the school system, we decided to found a association. It is called the “my Boo Ghana School e.V".

Hans-Helmut Schramm – my Boo business angel and first chairman of the my Boo Ghana School e.V – was enthusiastic too. The last time he was in Ghana was in 2013. According to him a lot has changed since then. We are proud about this progress but certain that we must stay focused to continue our change in Ghana to fulfil our responsibility.

From the left: Timo, Kwabena, Maximilian and Hans-Helmut.
Meanwhile the school is a lot more than a sketch.

Strong partners for the project

The partner school of the Yonso Project x my Boo Model School is the Gemeinschaftsschule Nortorf. Its principal Timo and his colleague Patrick joined us on our journey to Ghana. Together with Kwabena they are going to work on a syllabus and prepare the teachers for their work. This project is still in need of some volunteers. If you are a teacher who is motivated by positive change in Ghana and also by giving children future prospects, please contact us per E-Mail (

Timo is the principel of the partner school.
Timo and his colleague Patrick in one of the classrooms.

Oliver from the Umweltbank (a German bank that connects finances and ecological goals) also joined our trip. They collected a lot of money due to their “Banker on Bike” campaign and later donated part of that money to us. Their generosity supported us a lot in getting closer to reach our vision. For us, it is totally understandable that Oliver wanted to see the progress and how much the donation helped the Ghanaian children.

On top, the beverage manufacturer Voelkel supportet the school with almost 5.000 Euro.

We would like to thank all our partners once again!

We are satisfied with our trip to Ghana and quite proud of everything we and the Yonso Project could reach in the last couple of years. We are looking forward to the opening of the school in September and hope that we are going to be able to help as many children as possible.

How to support us

If you want to become member of the association, just send an email to:

If you want to help us with direct financial support you can use this bank account:

Account holder: my Boo Ghana School e.V.

IBAN: DE89 2225 0020 0090 5733 95

Bank: Sparkasse Westholstein

Jonas and Maximilian are proud te see the progress they made together with the Yonso Project.

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