Lacqeur and leather as well as roaring motors. Loads of horsepower, long-haired men wearing their leather suits and lightly dressed girls on high heels. And in between: my Boo and the bamboo bikes. Our impressions of the INTERMOT 2016.

On 4th October we started our trip from Kiel to attend the INTERMOT 2016, one of the world’s biggest fairs for motorbikes that takes place every two years in the beautiful city Cologne. Wait a second, motorbikes? my Boo produces bamboo bikes, doesn’t it? So now there are some bamboo bikes with horsepower as well? Nope, the INTERMOT not only is a fair for motorized two-wheelers but also for classic bicycles as well as the very popular e-bikes, pedelecs and electric scooters. A perfect place to present our first e-bike my Volta to the world of two-wheelers. Also on the spot: another three boos to support my Volta and to catch people’s attention as well.


In hall 5.2 which was reserved for the field of e-mobility we had sufficient opportunity to present our innovations for 2017 and to generally report on our boos and the exciting story behind it.  We also had the possibility to exchange experience with experts. Everyday curious and smiling but also sometimes sceptical faces came to visit us.

So the frame is made out of real bamboo? Am I allowed to touch it? How much does it weigh? We gladly answered these and other questions. Doubting visitors that remained were allowed to touch, knock and lift our bikes.

Beside general visitors that randomly came by to have a look, we were pleased with some visits from retailers, potential retailers, journalists and one or the other my Boo-Fan who already is a happy owner of a bamboo bike.

Thanks to the bike magazine ElektroRad my Volta had the honour to be presented on the ElektroRad stage for one day. There it was discussed beside other e-bikes by interested visitors and experts.

The INTERMOT 2016 was an amazing and exciting experience where we not only had the opportunity to have interesting conversations but to acquire deeper knowledge about fascinating innovations in the field of e-mobility. We’re already looking forward to the INTERMOT 2018. In the meantime: Have a good and safe trip!

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