Sustainable Xmas presents that will definitely raise big smiles!

When you have a stroll through the city you will soon recognize something: wherever you look at you can see lights and blinking christmas figures. On the one hand the cozy time with cookies and tea has come but on the other hand many people are getting nervous at the thought of looking for the perfect Christmas present. The same procedure as every year! We would like to produce relief and therefore we collected some sustainable and stylish ideas! Have a look, drink some tea and relax!

No one wants to buy presents that you wouldn’t like yourself, it has to be something special for a special person. Nowadays style is not enough. You need to add some sustainability issues.


You are looking for the perfect present for your boy- or girlfriend? These cozy pullovers from Recolution are definitely the right choice! All products are fairly traded, vegan and underlie strict requirements of the GOTS certificate. This means that no animal suffers for the production and that neither chemical exposure, exploitation nor discrimination of workers are included in the production process. Since 2010 the fashion label from Hamburg combines social responsibility with global awareness. You can snuggle up together with a clear conscience.

Recolution knitted sweater "Crew Neck #Anchor"

Those who refuse to get on their bike during winter and who are impatiently waiting for spring, can be cheered up with the following idea. The handcrafted bike holders are made out of various sorts of woods and can be ordered in different colors. They will turn your bike into a real work of art on your wall. An elegant design is combined with social commitment as our bike holders are produced in a workshop of the Stiftung Drachensee in Kiel where people with and without handicap are working together. 

handcrafted bike holder from Stiftung Drachensee

If you don’t let yourself be impressed by the lousy November weather and you still hop on your bike then you definitely need a good bike lock as thieves don’t care about snow and rain either! The unique hemp locks from Dalman Supply Co. are produced by a young American in affectionate manual labor in Nashville, Tennessee. His mission is to contribute to sustainable consumption and to do something against the throwaway mentality by producing high-quality and long-lasting items. Which bike lover wouldn’t be happy about such a safe Christmas present?

Dalman Supply Co. hemplocks

These pretty rucksacks from Kaliber Fashion Berlin set an example against the throwaway mentality. Furthermore they are vegan and extremely stylish! If you for example have to travel from one place to the other during the holidays, you would definitely be happy about such a pretty rucksack under the Christmas tree. It has lots of storage possibilities for your laptop, books and the remaining Christmas cookies. We really love especially the rucksack called Love & Soul in woodgreen, - definitely a bag to fall in love with!

"Love & Soul" rucksack from Kaliber

If you’re invited to a very glamorous evening then we also have found something appropriate. This will wow all your relatives: noble bow ties made out of wood for women and men! Bewooden will turn you into the night’s eye catcher per se. Kerbholz's products stand for sustainability, individuality and creativity and are all handmade with love. Only Granny will have a hard time to pluck her grandchild’s bow tie into the right order. No need for that, Granny! Here you can watch the making of wooden bow ties or you check out the facebook page!

wooden bow ties from BeWooden

After a lavish feast with roast goose and red cabbage, some people will have a strong longing to a fresh breath and a pleasant feeling in the mouth. How convenient that a single grasp under the Christmas tree is enough to hold the nicely wrapped gift set from Hydrophil in your hands. Off to the bathroom! Bamboo tooth brush & Co will give you back a clean holiday smile! For further information watch this video!

How you can win some pretty nice and sustainable stuff

So that’s it or rather almost as we have prepared a little surprise for you. We would like to raffle a bike holder, a Dalman Supply Co. bike lock, a gift set from Hydrophil, a Kaliber Love & Soul rucksack, a Recolution sweater and a Bewooden bow tie.

And this is how it works: leave us a like on our facebook page and please leave a comment with the name of your favourite product beneath the facebook post regarding this blogpost. The participation ends on 18th December at 23:59 p.m. That's it! Good luck and have some creative and successful Christmas shopping!

Well, there is one last thing we would like to announce here. Maybe some of you already know it but here again: we are in the TOP 10 of the category LIFESTYLE of the world's biggest environment prize, the GreenTec Awards 2017. We kindly ask you to vote for us online by 6th January 2017 and to share it on Facebook & Co! Thank you very much!

Your my Boo team!

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