How to build a bamboo bike - step by step

Bamboo has many characteristics making it a real powerplant. Many of them we can use for building our frames. In this post we are going to tell you how they are made. By the way: You can also buy our bamboo frames separated.

  • First, the right bamboo must be found and harvested. In Ghana, the super grass grows wild in huge amounts, so at least finding it is no problem at all. The harvesting must be done carefully. This work is not only exhausting but also dangerous. After that, the bamboo canes get cut and sorted to their size and strength. Every cane has to fulfil certain measures.
  • Now the bamboo must dry for several months. During this it gets hard and resistant. After that, the best bamboo canes for building the frames get selected.
  • In the third step, they get preserved so that they fit into the jigs. In those devices five aluminium capsules are fixed to give the frame the desired symmetry and geometry. The bamboo canes get fastened to the metal components by resin which has to dry for three hours.
  • The frame is almost done now but still needs stability. That is why every contact between bamboo and aluminium gets wrapped with hemp ropes. These are saturated with resin making them very sticky. When the resin finished drying the combination causes extreme solidity.
  • The next step improves the appearance of the frames: They get polished and straightened and the hemp-resin-complex gets reduced so that it looks less angular and bulky. All of the gaps that arise in the complex get filled instantly. In the end, the connecting pieces get polished with very delicate sandpaper.
  • Now the frame is almost done. Only a last step is missing: The frame has to pass a quality test. Based on a list, the employees of our partner “the Yonso Project” check all of the critical points, such as the distances of the dropouts. When the frame was successful it gets varnished and prepared for the European weather.

After all these steps the frame is ready for being send to Germany. The bike gets assembled in our headquarter in Kiel.

If you want to compile your personal bike, you can use the configurator or just contact us. There are workshops which help you building your own frame. If you are interested in a seperated frame with five years of guarantee, this is where you should go.

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