Hello hello!

My name is Mirjam and I’m the new my Boo trainee in Public Relations and Marketing. Actually I’m from the very South of Germany, Friedrichshafen at the Lake of Constance (that’s where the Eurobike takes place every year) but I’ve been living in Kiel now for two years.

Why did I move from one end of Germany to the other? Quite far, right? Well, it’s definitely not because of the windy and rainy weather (besides, right now it’s as hot as during summer in the South anyhow, so let’s get rid of this Northern weather cliché!) After I finished my bachelor I wanted to have a change of location for my Master’s degree study. So I thought to myself “Let’s move from the very South to the very North!” It was definitely worth it and I don’t want to move away anymore.

Das ist Miri!
Das ist Miri!

In Kiel I’m studying Sociology and European Ethnology. It won’t take long anymore until I will finish my master program but I thought it would be reasonable and exciting to get out of the student’s bubble and into “the real life”. An internship at my Boo is the ideal opportunity for a professional orientation as I plan to work in the field of PR and marketing after my studies.

In my spare time I like writing short texts as well as drawing, especially animals. Who knows, maybe beside my trainee tasks I will smuggle in some drawn pandas that will match well with my Boo’s bamboo bikes…but don’t tell anyone!

So here I am! Excited and curious about the coming time at my Boo and already in love with my Todzie!

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