Grills from a new point of view, v for veggylicious

An alternative offer of food, variety, a mobile grill diner, which serves vegetarian and vegan dainties. This concept is hidden behind the " Røstprinzessin ", behind Tom Riedel and his barbecue bike.

Tom with his Røstprinzessin and our my Boo bamboo bike.

The idea developed from a "backyard project", and in 2016 it was one of the award winners of the Yooweedoo idea contest.

The recipe repertoire ranges from the specially created "veggy sausage" recipe to veggy burgers, crossover salads as well as homemade sauces and is constantly increasing in variety. With his culinary ambition to offer tasty meatless barbecue products, he hit the bull’s eye.

Co-owner Aexander Kurzhöfer is responsible for the work backstage. He develops and is busy with the communications design of the "Røstprinzessin".

Not only visually a highlight, couscous salad à la Tom, shot by Stina Kurzhöfer.

It’s a marketplace whit potential, the request increases - so he cycles through Kiel with a cargo bike ,which is equipped with a mobile grill station and convinces not only vegetarians and vegans, but everyone of its tasty food.

He can be found mainly on the area of the Alten Mu, but also on flea markets or events such as the Second Kieler Bike Festival.

Culinary delights in a class of its own - glass noodle salad with bamboo shoots, photograph taken by Stina Kurzhöfer.

He also serves for guests of private parties or corporate events. Like at our my Boo headquarter opening! Tom served us glass noodle salad with fine bamboo shoots, an exotic couscous salad and a tasty stew. Of course, his beloved barbecue bike was also on the spot where he fries vegan schnitzel.

If your next party is just around the corner and you would like to cater your guests with Tom's delicious meals, simply visit his Facebook page or homepage and give him a call.

Dear Tom, we wish you success for the future and a tasty summer!

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