Ghana 2.0

„Ghana – here we go!“ From the 25th of September to the 13th of October Maximilian and Jonas travelled to Ghana the second time. This time for all in all 19 days and the mission was clear: To optimize the frames. At the last visit in Ghana we already brought a lot of equipment and tools, but this time it was even more: More than 300kg of luggage divided to 8 packages were on their way to Accra.

Arrived there the first shock: The customs authority does not give our packages to us. After nearly 20 offices and signatures and a lot of discussions we finally got our packages 4 (!) days later. The calculation of the duty is not really comprehensible as well. For example we had to pay for footballs, that we brought with us as a present, 60€ duty, although the price was just 50€ in Germany. Crazy world.

Afterwards we started in the direction of Kumasi and Yonso. This time Max and Jonas slept in a small hotel near to Agona. This “hotel” did not really deserved the name “hotel” by the way, BUT: we had at least running water all the time! And the people in the villages were as friendly and relaxed as last time.

At the next day we all went to the brand new workshop together. We helped building this new workshop and it is awesome! A lot of space and fresh air for the workers to work on the frames. And we got in contact with 10 new freshmen at the workshop as well. It was nice to meet them all!

At the 16th of October a highlight of our trip was taking place: The commissioning of the new office and workshop building of the Yonso Project. We had the honor to read out a short speech of the German ambassador in Ghana, Mr. Thomas Wimmer and also to say some words on ourselves. The Ghanaian TV did a small interview with us as well. All in all it was a great and cheerful day with a lot of music and dance. We wish the Yonso Project all the best in their new office!

3 days later and quite too fast we had to leave Ghana again. With new frames in our luggage we arrived in Germany. A big “thank you” to Kwabena Danso and the team of the Yonso Project for a great time. We are really looking forward to the next trip.

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