Exhibition season 2017: we're taking a first stock of it

The first exhibition dates in 2017 are behind us and we draw a first conclusion. At all previous fairs this year, we gained positive feedback. Of course we are very happy about this and are even more motivated to give our best now.

At the ABF Freizeitmesse in Hannover, the Reisen Hamburg and the Urlaubswelt Essen you were able to find us at the stand of Hobby, where we were able to hold many interesting conversations. Because who likes to camp, also is something like a nature boy and and likes bikes generally. ;-)


At the "Urlaubswelt Essen" together with Hobby

On the other hand, the Fahrradschau Berlin was just like a great class event for cyclists. In addition to everything that makes a biker's heart beat faster, there was also great beer, including those of our friends Lillebräu from Kiel. ;-)

At the Berliner Fahrradschau - anytime again!

This year we are also looking forward to expand our range of additional products. In addition to our new Lieblingsklingeln, we also have our new my Boo Birkenrindengriffe BBU1 with us on exhibitions. For all our products please have a look at our new my Boo shop.

This weekend you will find us at the Fahrradmesse in Kiel, where we will appear as Küstenrad Kiel, but of course got our my Boo bamboo bikes with us.

So come and visit us at one of the following fairs and check out everything in real life. We're looking forward to see you!

Underneath, we have listed where we can be found in the following weeks:

As it was last time, this is the current state, to which something can be added anytime. So keep visiting this blog or our Facebook page to be up to date. We wish you a good trip and hope that the spring will appear soon. :-)


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