Brand new: Step-through bamboo frame!

For the next season we can already present you our brand new deep boarding bamboo bikes.

This challenge really kept our product developers busy. Bamboo is indeed a very flexible material. A deep boarding bicycle frame, the so called Step-through frame, does not have the usual three connection points which cause stability. This means that the frame can easily swing up during the ride.

Therefore, we have testet different geometries as well as bamboo thicknesses. And what should we say? We have come to an ideal solution that even outmatches conventional frames in its rigidity!

The lateral stiffness of the bottom bracket was 151,4 Newton per millimetre. This means that a force of 151,4 Newton must act on the bottom bracket until it shifts one millimetre. For comparison: With an aluminium frame this value is 140 N/mm. So you don’t have any kind of disadvantage with our step-through frame. Actually it’s quite the opposite: Once again bamboo showed its advantages over other materials.

Starting in 2020, they will be available with all City- and Trekking-Bikes for a small surcharge. If already now required, just write us an e-mail or give us a call: +49 431 – 221 392 – 60.

The challenge for season 2021 is already set: The step-through frame for our bamboo e-bikes!

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