Bike raffle at Dodenhof-Store in Kaltenkirchen

The fashion victims of norther Germany take the way up to Kaltenkirchen to get in touch with the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle. So it is the perfect stage to show the elegance of our bamboo bikes. Within a few weeks we had an exhibition in the centre of the store. During this event we raffled off one of our my Boo bamboo bikes. Nearly 350 people have attended to our small contest. Unfortunately, it therefore ends up by getting only a single winner. In this case but rather a female winner. The sympathetic Sandra Rettkowski is from Mühlenbarbek and was quite happy when we met her at Dodenhof to give her the price. " Well I am so happy that my friend persuaded me to participate - . I did not believe in my own luck." She told us when Felix handed her the bamboo bicycle at Dodenhof. The joy and also a little surprise was written in her face. Full of anticipation, they marvelled at your new companion for everyday and got so many fast envious look at her newest bamboo bike as she posed with Felix for a winning photo.

Hi, that's me!
Sandra is quite happy about her ney my Boo bamboobike.

Even during the short time, we spent with our my Boos at the store, we had tell the exciting story to behind our Bamboo Bikes many times. Well, " Is that really made ​​of bamboo? " Is still an evergreen. It is! And " Yes, it brings luck to knock on the frame! " So a few interested tried. All in all it was a great event! We are very happy to have made ​​such a joy to Sandra and we thank her in case for the great collaboration with Birte de Jager and the team of Dodenhof!

And Sandra, we hope you have a great time and a lot of fun with your my Boo bamboo bike!

Good ride!! Küssend

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