Bienvenue en France!

Bonjour and bienvenue en France!

After our launch in the Netherlands and Belgium, we are making our next step and plan to bring our bamboo bikest to France – and we are very happy about our future partners „Beboo Bikes“. They share our philosophy of sustainable economics and are willing to spread it in France by selling our bamboo bikes.

Now is your chance to become a part of our sustainable initiative and to make your contribution towards a socially responsible and eco-firendly corporate behaviour. Beboo Bikes needs your help: till 7th October 2017 you are able to support our French partner’s crowdfunding-campaign by following this link: .

BeBoo stands for social sustainability - just like my Boo

Every sold my Boo or Beboo bamboo bike makes a positive change by supporting the „Yonso Project“, which fights for good education and a strong economy in Ghana. The project uses the income of our frame-building cooperation to finance scholarships for children or to build the „Yonso Project Model School“ – a school that will provide high quality education to all children in its region.

Please help us and Beboo Bikes to show the world how serious sustainable corporate behaviour could look like and support their crowdfunding-campaign!

Every income helps "The Yonso Project" to realize their own projects

As gratitude for your help, Beboo Bikes offers a wide range of rewards for all supporters; starting with public thanks by name on Facebook and their website, to bamboo watches for her and him to an exclusive Beboo Bike offer for their first bamboo bike. (You are able to see the detailed reward scale by following the crowdfunding-link.)

One of the first BeBoo models

We really appreciate your support - Thank you very much!

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