Bamboo - The largest grass stalk of the world

As you know, the frame of our my Boo bamboo bikes is made of first-class Ghanaian bamboo in loving handicraft. But what is all hide behind the favorite food of the big pandas?

Bamboo belongs to the family of grasses. There are about 115 bamboo families around the world with a total of approximately 1300 species. Quite right red, bamboo is the largest blade of grass in the world! Because bamboo is a true growth miracle, he can shoot up to a whole meter a day. Through its rapid growth the bamboo fixes a huge amount of CO2 and produces more oxygen than most other plants on earth, an important filter for the green lung of our earth.

Each bamboo cane is unique.

The dense cell structure of the bamboo combines extreme hardness with high elasticity and low weight. The self-weight against the payload surpasses even ferroconcrete. In contrast to wood, the bamboo is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, which ensures a high surface hardness. In addition, the outer layer contains a lot of silicate, which causes the bamboo to be hardly flammable.

The combination of the outstanding properties of the bamboo, create an optimal vibration damping similar to that of steel and carbon.

In Ghana bamboo grows wild.

This makes bamboo a true high-tech material of nature and versatile, as food, construction material, musical instrument or floor covering. Also as a decorative plant it enjoys great popularity, because bamboo is an evergreen plant, even in the winter the green leaves grow out of the nodes. By the way, the annularly arranged stem nodes not only divide the bamboo, but also have a stabilizing effect.

In sum: Bamboo is an excellent natural resource for bicycle frames!

Any questions? :-)

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