Ankobra Farms

Today we would like to present you an exciting initiative that, just like us, also uses bamboo in a social and sustainable way. However Ankobra Farms doesn’t build bike frames but prefers to burn bamboo. You don’t get it? Well, first things first.

The married couple Ines and Claus Egger, founders of the initiative, migrated to Ghana in 2008 in order to open one of the first organic hotels in West Africa. This is why they got to know about the huge problems of the country. These include in particular deforestation, energy and fishery crisis as well as soil contamination due to agrochemicals. People who are living in this region have to suffer, they lose their basis of existence and are exposed to a bad economy.

By developing the project Ankobra Farms, the married couple Eggers wants to contribute to a reduction of these problems. Ghana’s beautiful nature shall be relieved and a sustainable basis of existence shall be established for Ghana’s population.

With this concept the production of renewable energies as well as the establishment of organic agriculture will be pursued and secure employments will be created. For the practical implementation four stages are intended. The first stage pursues a year-round production of bamboo charcoal. The second and third stage includes the construction of an ecological plantation and a biogas system. The last stage aims at the formation of an innovation center which intends to find imitators to spread the idea around the continent. 

Charcoal made out of bamboo

But once again back to our commonality, the bamboo plant. We use bamboo for our bicycle frames, Ankobra Farms prefers to burn it. Well, ‘to burn’ isn’t the right expression, ‘to carbonize’ would hit it more. In so called ‘adam-triplex-retorts’ bamboo charcoal is produced. The advantages of bamboo are evident. As we know, it grows up to 20 meters within only 2-3 years and efficiently absorbs carbon dioxide. Due to its thick and stable structure (which it doesn’t lose during the carbonation process) bamboo provides the perfect basis for a slow and safe burning of the charcoal at a high temperature. By producing and using bamboo charcoal one can make a positive contribution to a reduction of deforestation of rain forest. In addition the forest soil can recover due to bamboo planting and the resulting humus layer.

So as we can see, bamboo isn’t the only commonality that we share with this project. Ankobra Farms also tries to contribute to a social and ecological sustainability and to strengthen the Western region of Ghana. Here you can watch their video!

From 21st November the Indiegogo campaign will be launched and the project hopes for strong support. If you also would like to donate then check out their website,or directly go to the Indiegogo campaign.

We will keep our fingers crossed for Ankobra Farms! Good luck!

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