Alex introduces himself

Hi everybody! (..or as we say in Northern Germany: Moin Moin!)

My name is Alex, I'm a natural born Kieler and 27 years old. I'm a PR student (in German: Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Unternehmenskommunikation) here at the University of Applied Science in Kiel. For the upcoming three months I'll support the my Boo team in PR and Marketing as the first male intern. It's a great opportunity for me, since I've been a bike-enthusiast for a long time now; furthermore a great chance to put my love for bicycles on a -to say so - "professional" level while gaining work experience at the same time.



My favourite? The minimalist "my Toadzie" and the new "my Kuro" equipped with belt-drive!

As you can see on the next picture, for my everyday ride I trust classic steel as a frame-material. But I must admit though that after a first test-drive even the bamboo has absolutely convinced me. My favourite bamboo bike so far is the more minimalist and sporting "my Todzie" equipped with a 2-speed hub by SRAM. Furthermore I am really excited about the new model "my Kuro" - the first my Boo bamboo bike equipped with a belt-drive. I'm fascinated by the technology and I think that most cyclists at least dream about having a belt drive mounted.

My ride - centrepiece is a AA-steal-frame by Gazelle

The first few weeks here at my Boo have been really fun to me and I'm overjoyed that the guys already delegated me the responsibility about my own tasks. In addition to that the team makes it really easy for me to feel confident - there is a excellent symbiosis of determination of performance and having fun.

One of my tasks is to prepare the upcoming Eurobike exhibition - one of the world's most important bike exhibitions. That means: write and issue press releases, call editorial offices and journalists and help wherever possible.

I even had the chance to act out my creativity: I had to stain the my Boo goodiebags for the my Boo-party at the Eurobike blogger-lounge. Those are bags that get silk-screened with our "2 wheels for a better world" lettering. By hand of course. Therefor I visited the silkprint-workshop "Links im Hof" here in Kiel. The two owners Antonia and Wiebke helped me out a lot and we had a lot of fun while doing it! Thank you very much for helping me out, for the ton of cookies and the two fun afternoons - I will definitely come back!


At the silkprint-workshop "Links im Hof" - The first bags are finished!

I'm really looking forward to my remaining time here at my Boo and I'm thrilled about the upcoming tasks and all the challanges that are yet to come!

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