A new family member is introducing hisself!

The days are getting longer, the nights are shorter and we are getting more and more lured by the gorgeous summer fragrance to go outside - the bike season is in full swing!

But even the most technical challenging bike is no fun if saddles and handlebar grips do not provide a safe and comfortable feeling. Our new bike grips convince with their various features, which are not guaranteed by any other handlebar grip. The BBU 1 is the first handlebar grip consisting of pH-skin-neutral birch bark. It has a safe, comfortable and velvety warm feeling – which makes losing grip difficult.

In addition, the natural properties of the birch bark give the BBU1 a unique slip resistance, especially in a wet state. The extreme resistance to weather of the birch bark also ensures that the happy owner has very long pleasure with his birch bark grips, even during intensive use. They are easy in care, sustainable and ecologically produced.

The base material, punched birch bark.

Our BBU1 birch bark handle grips are made of the bm1-laminate. 60 to 70 layers of birch bark are hand-cut, sorted and placed next to each other. After the mechanical shaping, the surface is finalized and oiled by hand. Birch bark is a very variable natural material in its growth structure, so every handle grip is unique.

BBU1 in the version short/long.

Our bicycle handle grips made of birch bark are available for all commercially 22 mm diameter handlebars as well as in two versions: as a standard grip or as a short grip for turning gears. The seamless and corrosion-resistant aluminum inner tube allows an easy assembling. However, we recommend assembling the handlebar grips by a specialized company.

Have we inspired your curiosity – to have a loyal companion for any weather situation at your side, which is also an optical highlight? Just take a look at our shop!


With sunny greetings from Kiel

Your my Boo Team

Unique slip resistance even in a wet state.

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