Hello everybody!

May I introduce myself? I'm the new one...!

My name is Lea and I am the trainee in Public Relation and marketing.

Accordingly, I am going to spend my holidays this time at my boo-Boo’s flag store and join the my-Boo family. My business is the social media content so I will spend a lot of time with writing and posting. According to this I'll take along the way then even a little feminine charm in die cast of my-Boo.

I'm not a true “Kielerin”, but actually come from Heide near the west coast, So I can handle bad weather and head wind. When I am not on Hollidays I study at FH Kiel Public Relations. So at my Boo I can demonstrate what I have learned since the first semester. Furthermore, I love cycling and a lot of kinds of sports from sailing to soccer an do all the stuff we students do when we succeed in getting up in the morning.

Hi, that's me!
Hi, that's me!

For me as typical “Nordlicht” bamboo naturally has been rather strange, but simply because of the wonderful appearance, I have of course long since tuned usual. Until I earn enough to get my own one, I have got lot of one images, lines, blog posts and tweets on my to-do list, I got to go!

You will hear even more often from me the next few weeks.


Love Lea

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