Great Accessories for your Bike.

We have devolped some awesome accessories for every bike, innovative and sustainable.

Hemp locks

Each lock is hand made with rope, steel cable, and real leather. 
6.5mm thick galvanized steel cable hidden amongst the hemp manila rope is swaged together and gives the rope the strength of any standard cable lock. The rope is wrapped around a thimble and fastened into a rope clamp. The clamp is covered by leather, and fastened down with screws. All exterior metal is stainless steel, and recessed into leather, and rope to keep the locks bike friendly. 

Prize: 80,-€



Wooden Bicycle Rack

There racks are produced in Germany out of pine. The carry bikes up to 30 kg.

Prize: 60,-€



Bicycle Rack our of Bamboo

These racks are also produced in germany out of bamboo. They van carry about 40 kg.

Prize: 80,-€





There are a lot of exciting stories around our bamboo bikes to explore.



Für Unternehmen

For Business.

A branded my Boo for promotion or othe clever ideas to use our bikes. 


For Business



Find a list of all possibilities and configurate your individual my Boo.



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