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Every my Boo Bamboo Bike is totally uniqueAll models are available in different frame sizes.

All bikes are shipped for free in Europe!

Finally: Our "my Volta", the first pedelec bicycle from my Boo that is made out of bamboo with an integrated midmounted engine!

my Volta

Our my Volta is the first pedelec bicycle from my Boo that is made out of bamboo with an integrated midmounted engine! It is equipped with the powerful Shimano E6000 midmounted engine, a brandnew display and a range of up to 120 km. The SR Suntour suspension fork ensures extra comfort.

Price: 3.999 €


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Category: City / Trekking

All bamboo bikes of the category City / Trekking are available with a trapeze as well as a diamond frame.

Trapez Diamant
Trapeze Diamond


my Pra

The my Pra is our comfortable City Bike. Geometry and sitting positions are very comfy and therefore suitable for daily rides. Shimano's Nexus 7-speed hub is solid and reliable. My Pra is equipped with a coster brake and optically a real highlight.

frames: Diamond or Trapeze

Price: from 1.599 €


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my Tano Deore

My Tano Deore is our sportive trekking bike equipped with a Shimano Deore 9-gears derailleur system. The Deore gear switches precisely and easily from one gear to another. The hydraulic disk brakes from Shimano convince through their powerful brake force. The perfect bicycle for sporty riders. 

frames: Diamond or Trapeze

Price: from 1.699 €


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my Afram Nexus

My Afram Nexus is our all-rounder with a reliable Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub. The hydraulic disk brakes guarantee a powerful brake power. My Afram Nexus is your perfect companion in everyday life. 

frames: Diamond or Trapeze

Price: from 1.799 €


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my Afram Alfine 8-/11-speed

My Afram Alfine is our urban trekking bike equipped with a Shimano Premium Alfine 8- or 11-speed hub. This gear system is characterized by a large deployment area and a proper seal. Furthermore hydraulic Shimano disk brakes as wells as a fine real leather seat are installed.

frames: Diamond or Trapeze

Price: from 2.099 €


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my Tano XT

My Tano XT is our premium trekking bike with derailleur system. Due to a special device we succeeded in mounting a derailleur for the first time. As a result a Deore XT 3x10 gear drive could be installed. The Deore XT group is one of Shimano’s premium groups and meets highest requirements.

frames: Diamond or Trapeze

Price: from 2.399 €


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my Afram Speedhub

Our My Afram Speedhub makes the hearts of frequent drivers and bycicle travelers beat faster. Along with the legendary Rohloff hub gear we also install the excellent SON-hub dynamo, Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire equipment, a Tubus luggage carrier and a Brooks real leather seat.

frames: Diamond or Trapeze

Price: from 3.299 €


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Category: Urban / Road


my Todzie

My Todzie is our sporty and puristic urban bike. Its highlight is the automatic 2-gear system from Sram. At a speed of 18km/h it shifts automatically into the next higher gear. Therefore the clear design isn’t disrupted by unneeded gear lever and cables.

frames: Diamond

Price: 1.499 €


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my Ashanti

My Ashanti is our city cruiser. The 26-inch wheelset with Schwalbe balloon tyres is not only really comfortable but also a genuine eye-catcher. Our my Ashanti is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and a 8-speed hub gear. A technically well-engineered composition. 

frames: Diamond or Trapeze

Price: from 1.899 €


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my Kuro Gates

The first my Boo equipped with belt drive! Thanks to our new developed frame technology we are able to mount a drive belt for the first time. The Gates Carbon Drive is very durable and nearly maintenance-free. The combination of fast Shimano Kojak tyres and the puristic carrier by Tubus results in the perfect my Boo urban bike.

Price: 2.499 €


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my Todzie Metrea

The my Todzie Metrea is our new sporting urban bike, equipped with the new urban Metrea 11-speed groupset by Shimano. The crankset has a very clean and modern design and provides a smooth ride comfort. Besides the optical highlight, the groupset’s 11 gears ensures high pedomotive diversity while riding.

frames: Diamant

Preis: 2.499 €


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my Densu

My Densu is our sporty road bike which is equipped with the classic Shimano 105 group. Our bamboo road bike is torsion-resistant and comfortable at the same time thus ideally suited to ambitious training rides or races. The innovative Brooks Cambium C15 seat sets an optical highlight.

frames: Diamond

Price: 2.599 €


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Category: Manufactory


my Boo frame

Every my Boo frame is unique and made with loving handcraft in Ghana.

types of frame: City / Trekking, Road

Price: 949 €


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