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Handmade in Ghana. Assembled in Germany.
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Ökologischer Rohstoff Bambusfahrrad


Bamboo is extremly strong and one of the fastest growing plants on earth.

Stipendium Bambusfahrrad


With each my Boo Bike sold social projects in Ghana get funded.

Handmade in Ghana


Every frame is built in 90 hours of handicraft work.

Made in Ghana
Made in Ghana

Our Bamboo bicycle frames are produced in the small ghanaian village Yonso. Together with the "Yonso Project" we built up a new workshop building and trained more than 20 young Ghanaians. And more over: With the earnings in Ghana social projects get funded! In 2015 we financed more than 100 scholarships!

Best Stability

Our bamboo frames are tested by a German testing institute to comply with European standards. Furthermore, a high-grade varnish - as protection against wind and inclement weather - is applied to the frames. All bamboo bikes are professionally mounted with high quality, reliable components at our factory in Kiel, Germany. 

Mit dem Bambusfahrrad nach China

With a my Boo Bamboo Bike to China

Tim and Karina Poser experienced an incredible journey with their specially equipped my Boo bamboo bikes. They rode from Hamburg, Germany, to China. On their journey they covered 18,000 kilometers in 365 days, while venturing through a variety of different countries, cultures, deserts and mountains, as well as extreme hot and cold conditions.


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